Jon Stewart’s Take on Fox News

The Daily Show is one of my favorite shows. It’s always a treat to see Jon Stewart take apart someone’s point by throwing back what they have said in their faces. Such is the case here with Fox News. This is a classic example of the fifth estate being used. Jon Stewart makes fun of the way Fox News has handled the protests in 2009 and the (then) recent presidency, considering their stance on such things not too long ago. By calling them the new liberals, he not only uses a term that conservatives see as negative but also highlights the fact that by switching stances they have undermined their own point about sticking with the president and seeing the “big picture”.

That being said, both Fox News and The Daily Show’s audiences used selective exposure when picking which program to watch. The audience wants to watch something that they agree with. The Daily Show audience are mainly liberals, and so The Daily Show interprets that the conservatives are being whiny and hypocritical about being in the minority when it comes to reporting. They are catering to their audience the same way that Fox News is catering to theirs. The irony here is that according to Fox, they are the most watched News channel in the U.S. Of course Fox is going to make very opinionated statements – it’s what people want to hear. The Daily Show isn’t any different in that aspect for claiming that Fox is now liberal. (Of course, this is a satirical statement, but it’s still an outrageous claim.)

I always find it a little sad when people claim that the way they get their news is better than another person’s. There’s no “right” news, there’s news you agree with and news you don’t agree with. All news is biased, and they’re all biased because we as an audience love to hear someone agree with us and enforce opinions we have. It’s just how we are. I love the Daily Show, but I’m aware that using clips out of context is a little bit like cheating. Of course, this isn’t going to drive me to watch Fox News in any way shape or form, but at least I’m aware of the fact that not everything is this or that.


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