House of Cards Eps 1-2

Episode 1:

I’m not usually into shows about politics, but this one really caught my eye. Frank Underwood has all the markings of an anti-hero that the audience usually eats up, a sarcastic guy with morals that fall somewhat into the gray. I could tell right away that I would love him too, from the moment Kevin Spacey opened his mouth and that marvelous Southern drawl came crawling out. You also get an understand as to why he’s going to eventually try to take people down. He was promised something, and he seems like the type of man no one wants to mess with. His wife, Claire, mimics Frank in a way that I really liked as well. All too often you see the trope of a successful man and his supporting, but boring, wife. Claire is none of that. Well, other than supportive. She’s cool and collected and very business oriented. The dynamic Frank and Claire have are also really interesting to me, as they seem very much in love but at the same time are very cool with each other. You can tell through their interactions that they’ve been together for a number of years and know each other inside and out, It’s very enjoyable to watch their snarky conversations take place.  As for the rest of the characters…meh. I could take or leave Zoe Barnes, and no one else has left an impression.

Overall this episode gets a 4/5, would’ve given a perfect score for that southern drawl alone but we’ll see how the rest of the series plays out.

Episode 2:

There was a lot going on this episode that I was trying to keep up with. Frank Underwood has definitely proven himself as a mastermind here, and again, I really enjoy watching him. He just eats up every scene. The look on his face as he watches Kern effectively destroy his chances of becoming Secretary of State are spectacular. Zoe Barnes is still sort of a take her or leave her character: on the one hand I like how ambitious she is but on the other I’m so sick of seeing the “newspaper rookie” character that she just doesn’t seem interesting to me. Or at least, not as interesting as Claire is. She’s affectionate with her husband, but when it comes to business she’s ruthless. Zoe isn’t like that at all. She’s still the newcomer, the girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing and might be biting off more than she can chew. Her partnership with Frank is a little weird, considering I feel like Frank could have definitely gotten a more experienced reporter with more weight behind their name. I’m hoping their relationship doesn’t become intimate because I really can’t see Frank and Zoe together that way but I feel like the show is hinting at it. However, watching the events play out this episode was a treat and I hope the rest of the show keeps this up. I’m a sucker for intricate revenge plots!




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