House of Cards Eps 3-4

Episode 3: I was disappointed with this episode. It was still interesting, but I think what disappointed me was the resolution with the girl’s parents. Frank gives one eulogy and suddenly the parents decide he’s not to blame? On the other hand, this episode introduces Gillian, who I think I’ll really like. She plays a good parallel to Claire’s character. While Claire is very demure and somewhat distant, Gillian is easily flustered and somewhat hesitant to work with Claire. Meanwhile, Russo is frolicking around with his assistant and it’s getting really annoying. I didn’t even mention him in my other post because he’s just distasteful. I’m sure everyone has their secrets but Russo is just completely unlikeable. I don’t think Russo is given one redeeming quality other than the fact that he seems to really care for his girlfriend. Zoe continues to be a neutral character. And to be honest, her flirting with Frank through texting made me really uncomfortable. It might be the age difference, or the fact that I was hoping for a mentor/student relationship and instead I got whatever they might do. Claire continues to be flawless, but I really wonder why she was running into the cemetery and if that holds any significance to her. Also, I read somewhere that white tulips signify forgiveness.[1] And that makes me wonder, what is Frank forgiving her for? Or maybe he’s asking for Claire’s forgiveness?

3/5 this time around I thought this whole episode was a little out of place.

Episode 4: Again, lots of things happen in this episode. Thankfully, there aren’t any more field trips, but a lot of mastermind plotting on Frank’s part, which I love to watch. We also get to see a bit more into Claire’s line of work, and her complicated relationship with the famous photographer. At the same time, Zoe is also conflicted about her line of work, and the comparison between the two is fun to watch. They both have qualms about their work and the next step it’s taking them to, and both of them decide not to make a change. In Zoe’s case, she gets fired. I wanted to scream when she didn’t take the job as White House correspondent! What is wrong with her?! I also wanted to scream when Claire didn’t take the money. She could have hired all of her old employees back, give a dozen people their livelihoods back. Russo continues to be not only an incompetent boyfriend, but an incompetent father as well. I’m so glad his girlfriend left him. Frank seems to know what he’s doing for now, but I’m wondering when something will go wrong for him. The series is great, but I keep waiting for some sort of contender against Frank. It looks like Russo has the motive to do that but he doesn’t seem smart enough. I’m still really upset with Zoe and Frank getting together in this episode, especially when Claire turned down the opportunity to have an affair in the same episode. It would have been fairer. Still sort of weird, but fair. Than again, I still think that Frank and Claire have one of the strongest marriages on television, even if they sleep around for their own agenda.



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