House of Cards Eps 5-6

Episode 5: Can I just say that I’m so happy to see Russo finally get some character development here? For the first time since this show started I actually felt somewhat bad for the guy. Here he is, getting played like a fiddle by Frank, and he can’t even fight back. Not only that, but in this episode we finally get some real opposition against Frank in the form of Marty Spinella. I mentioned before that I was hoping there would be a main force that tries to go against Frank, and here he is. Marty is nowhere near prepared to win against Frank, at least not yet. His stunt at the gala was cleverly derailed, but I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. I also enjoy how the show addresses the newspaper industry. It seems very realistic in it’s portrayal. Slugline on the other hand, reminds me of what new-age media tries to be. For some reason I’m reminded of the Gothamist, and I don’t think that that’s unintentional. A character I don’t quite understand the importance of is Freddy, the BBQ guy. I mean he’s nice and all, but I just don’t see what his role is in the show. I get the feeling that he’s supposed to show somehow that Frank isn’t as cold and evil as he seems to be, but that could be achieved through Claire as well. I secretly hope that he plays an important role somewhere in the season that comes straight out of left field. Another thing that I’d like to mention is how shocked I was at the end scene with Russo. I mean Frank literally plans his suicide as if it’s no big deal. I think that Frank knew Russo wouldn’t be able to do it, but still.

5/5 I really like that Marty is around to keep Frank on his toes.

Episode 6: The big thing that got me this episode was that Frank lost his nerve during the CNN interview. He completely blanked out and it cause me such acute secondhand embarrassment that I had to cover my face. We, the viewers, are just so used to watching him sweet talk his way out of things that to watch Frank get tongue tied was shocking. I’m also glad this wasn’t a Zoe centric episode because I really don’t like her all that much. Russo, on the other hand, has completely made a turnaround and become one of my favorite characters. I just like that we get to see him get his life back on track, and get a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his district by putting together a project with Claire. I have a feeling that at some point he’s either going to A: become governor and get Frank back for closing down the shipyard or B: fail and go back to drinking. When Steve admits that he hated Frank and was in love with Claire I was also shocked. We don’t see much of Steve, but when we do he just seems like a diligent guy. Would not have expected that. I’m sad to see Marty go so quickly though. The matter might still be somewhat unresolved but I feel like Frank has the upper hand now.

5/5 It was nice to see Frank so vulnerable after the debate.


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