House of Cards Eps 7-8

Episode 7:

Zoe Barnes needs to start going after news by herself instead of waiting for it to be spoonfed to her by Frank. She calls herself a journalist, but all she does is sleep with the congressman and then ask him to give her news! I’m so irritated by that. Russo’s whole campaign seems like a big risk as well. I get that Frank wants someone that he can control, but Russo’s chances of winning seem pretty slim, especially when he starts talking about his past. I was surprised to see the prostitute from the earlier episode make an appearance. It seems this show really doesn’t forget anything! Stamper also played a bigger role in this episode, which was nice but I felt a little uninterested in him. Sure, he used to be an alcoholic, but now he’s not, which is boring. He helps the prostitute to make sure she doesn’t blab about anything, but he also looks somewhat concerned for her well being. I think that she reminds me of himself when he used to be a drinker, or at least, that’s how I interpreted it. I’d rather see Zoe Barnes get some real development rather than prance around Slugline and throw her stories at other journalists. Also, it’s finally become clear to me that Frank is trying to get the president to trust him more than anyone else in the White House. I’m a little embarrassed that it took this long for me to realize that, but it was made evident in the scene where Frank basically brushes Linda’s concerns aside. Another person who gets some screen time is the vice-president, who I was wondering about as well. We usually only saw Linda and the president before, and the vice president’s absence was a little conspicuous. Turns out, he was never really consulted with anyway, which is why he never showed up.

2/5 I wasn’t really invested in Stampers or whatever was happening with the vice-president and I also hated that scene when Zoe was on the phone with her father and Frank called her his child or something to that effect. It was really unpleasant.


Episode 8:

Watching Frank goof off with his former classmates was nice to see. I forget sometimes that he’s more than a calculating government worker sometimes. But still, to see him laugh was entirely new. And to hear him sing in a quartet was even more surprising! Although, my first thought when they entered the old, spooky library was that they were going to die one by one, horror movie style. I also can’t tell whether it was just heavily implied or outright stated, but hearing Frank say that he was attracted to another man was jarring. I mean, someone can be gay or bisexual or bicurious or anything on the Kinsey Scale without having a sign on their head about it, but it was never implied before so it really shocked me! Watching Russo get brutalized by the crowd was hard to watch. There’s only so much he can do, and to see every one of the people in the room completely ignore his proposal was sad. Watching him wrestle his friend was pretty hilarious though. Maybe it was the way he goes from elected to official to twelve year old in three seconds flat but I laughed. His mother is a whole different story. I want to know why she’s so indifferent to her son, and yet reacts so positively when she finds out he won a fight. If tha twas the environment Russo was raised in, I can understand why he’d turn to drugs and alcohol later in life.

4/5 Bumped up to a 4 solely for the reveal that Frank was infatuated with his friend when they were cadets.


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