House of Cards Episode 10

Whoah! Zoe finally uses her own resources to find out that Claire has betrayed Frank. I never thought Frank would find out about the betrayal this quickly however. She addresses that she has not felt like his equal for some time now, and I feel as though it is about time. When he mentions the hot flashes I felt exactly like how her face looked. Frank is manipulative, and Claire knows this, but she is not used to being manipulated. Russo also finally confronts Frank. It seems as if the first ten minutes of this episode are entirely dedicated to everyone confronting Frank and showing him that he’s losing control over those closest to him. We see a side of Claire that we haven’t seen before. Claire’s relationship with the photographer is a stark difference to her relationship with Frank. She actually laughs and jokes around with Adam. I was a little shocked that she had such a good sense of humor! And she dances!

I thought Isaac or whatever would definitely not show up again. Yet here he is! And Zoe finally goes after someone who cares about her and is her own age. It’s a Christmas miracle. I’m completely won over by Isaac. He seems to genuinely care for Zoe and was a perfect gentleman when she asked to stay the night. Zoe was right – he’s completely adorable. Which makes me sad because I assume he’s going to find out about Zoe’s past with Frank and get upset over it.

I am very upset with Russo. I guess he’s just not very good at resisting temptation. Watching him bomb like that on the radio was completely embarrassing. But still, I had very high hopes for him. And I honestly thought Stamper was helping Rachel out of some sense of guilt over her situation. I’m guessing this is a way for Frank to have something to hold over Russo’s head. Or at least, to completely ruin any chance he might have had of running for governor. He’s also gained Linda on his side again. It’s funny how at the start of the show Frank was determined to get revenge on her, yet now she is completely won over by him. I can’t imagine how Russo will recover from this – or if he will recover.

4/5 I want Claire and Frank to get back together because I really miss their tag team interactions.


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