House of Cards Episode 11

If Frank is shooting for the vice presidency I’d applaud him. I never saw that coming! The way he played both the president and vice president was hilarious. I haven’t mentioned this before, but the soundtrack for this show is spectacular. It’s a little jazzy and sometimes a little creepy. My favorite track is the one that’s a little off-putting, the one that lets you know to pay attention. This isn’t the first episode I’ve noticed it of course, but I forgot to mention it before.

Zoe seemed a little spiteful when she entered Frank’s house for the first time. She wanted to establish dominance over Claire for coming into her apartment, but I felt like that was a tad much. I mean sure, Claire also walked into Zoe’s apartment, but she didn’t really do anything. I think the reason Zoe got mad was because Claire’s presence finally opened her eyes to how degenerated her apartment is. It’s funny to me how Frank ends their intimate relationship this time, and it seems to work better. Maybe this is what he wanted in the first place, as long as it was on his terms.

I’m so sick of Adam. He knows that Claire’s married, not only to Frank but to her work. If he can’t understand that then he’s no good for Claire anyway. And his deep v-necks! Why does he always wear such deep v-necks!

The girl who plays Russo’s daughter’s voice is so flat when she speaks to him that I had to laugh. It was a really emotional scene but she had absolutely no infliction in her voice, so the part when she said “It makes me sad,” sounded hilarious. Which is also really upsetting considering that was the last thing she said to him.

Which brings me to possibly the one thing I never thought i would see in this show. Frank just up and murders Russo. The crazy thing is that I think Frank only planned it when he saw the whiskey bottle in the car. I never thought that he’d bring up the “pain” speech from the first episode. I guess it’s Frank’s idea of mercy, killing Russo. Nevertheless, I never would have guessed that Frank would do something like this by himself. Usually he’s get Stamper to do his dirty work. It doesn’t look like this was planned, because otherwise he would have gotten Stamper to do it.

5/5 Holy moly I can’t believe Frank murdered Russo.


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