House of Cards Episode 12

Frank’s plan to become vice president has been delayed, or so Linda told Frank. I wouldn’t so readily trust Linda however. Sure, he says his eyes are wide open, and that he won’t be blind sided, but I feel that Linda doesn’t really want to help Frank. I feel like she might be giving him empty promises again.
I’m also waiting for Frank’s involvement with Russo’s death to be revealed. He wiped the car but I can’t believe that no one saw Frank with Russo right before he died. I’ve also noticed that Frank has been talking less and less to the audience. The fourth wall has been put back up. His motives are more a mystery than ever. I know that he wants power, but personally I underestimated what lengths he would go to to achieve that power.

Janine finally puts all the pieces together. Or at least, most of them. I’m surprised it took someone this long to link Underwood with the events that unfolded over the past year. It’s nice to see her and Zoe working together, considering how catty they were to each other in the beginning. It’s also nice to see Christina join their little girl group.

In addition, I like Raymond. He’s direct with Frank and does not back down. His views on emotional decisions probably mirror Frank’s views on logical reasoning. I don’t think Frank should trust him, but I think it’s worth taking up his offer. The reveal that Raymond and President Walker knew each other well was very surprising. What surprised me more was when we found out that Raymond is the real reason Frank couldn’t become Secretary of State. I believe that Walker wants Frank to be his vice, but he doesn’t trust him. Raymond has nuclear energy, and Frank’s wife is closely associated wait Sancorp. If I had to venture a guess, I would guess that Raymond wants Claire to support his business, and call it clean energy.

As much as I like Gillian, I don’t see much of a point to her character. She is a foil to Claire perhaps, but she hasn’t done much in the past few episodes. I assume that she somehow reveals what Claire is doing with Sancorp or something. I still like Claire, but firing a pregnant woman is a bit much, even for her.

4/5 I like the reveal that Raymond is close to the president, but I feel like it would have more of an effect if he was introduced earlier.


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