House of Cards Episode 9

We learn something knew in this episode. Frank Underwood does not like children. I don’t know why I find that surprising, considering him and Claire never had children and never adopted, but I do. He just seems like the type of guy to have a soft spot for them. Another interesting thing about this episode is how they portrayed the far right media. Even though it was a fake news source, a lot of what the commenter mentioned about Democrats being brainwashed by eco-friendly idealists mirrored the kind of far right news media we see today, which I found pretty funny.The show in general does a good job of portraying people and events realistically. Sure, there’s drama, but so far nothing has been so theatrical that I can’t fathom it being within the realm of possibility. (Other than the giant peach episode.) On another note, I am so happy Zoe finally at least tried ended their sexual relationship. It was about time she realized that no one would take her seriously if it was revealed that she slept with her informant. So yes, that was a big step in the right direction for Zoe! Except she only lasted a few days. Hopefully this will come up again and Zoe will realize that you can’t just sleep around to get information. She should use her friend’s story as a cautionary tale. However, this is the first time they acknowledged the age difference between them. Frank did seem a bit bitter about them ending it though. He sounded like a sulky child. The vice president was also acting like a complete child. But the way Russo subtly buttered him up was fantastic. (His speech at the rally was abut hokey for my taste though.) Claire also surprised me in this episode. I think this is the first instance in which her and Frank don’t work together on something. In fact, she works against Frank. To see that the Watergate Bill failed was disappointing. Now that Russo is one of my favorite characters, I want him to succeed! And knowing that that bill was vital to his campaign- well needless to say, I was a little upset. However, like I mentioned, I completely understand Claire’s motives for undermining Frank. She doesn’t exist just to help him in his endeavors, and yet when she wants a favor he declared it impossible. I’m excited to see if Frank ever finds out that it was Claire who lied to him.

3/5 I want Zoe and Frank to stay the heck away from each other.


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