House of Cards Season Finale (WHOAH)

I absolutely love this episode. By far, it was the most confusing, and heartbreaking episode yet. I never expected to like this show this much, considering I’m not one to watch a political drama. However, I’m completely amazed at how much I ended up caring about these characters.

I think my favorite character in this episode is Claire. We finally get an understanding of her motives and what is important to her. At first, I was confused about her dream about “the children”. Frank and Claire never mention any children in their lives, yet she said “the children”, as if it was obvious who she was talking about. Then later on, finding out that she had had three abortions, it clicked. She dreamed about them, as sad as that was. She wants children because she wants a legacy. She doesn’t want her and Frank’s efforts to go to waste. But she can’t tell Frank because she doesn’t want him to disapprove. It’s sad that she has to hide these things from her husband. But throughout the episode they are much more affectionate to each other than ever. They even go running together at the end of the episode. They’re going to need that sort of companionship when Slugline releases the information they have on Frank.

Zoe was also impressive in this episode. We finally, finally get her to do some detective work! She’s even a little intimidating when she speaks with Rachel. To be fair, Rachel plays it very cool. I didn’t expect her to arrive with Stampers, or Logan to follow them! That was smart of them. Her, Logan and Janine make a good team. On the one hand, I’m still rooting for Frank. I want him to succeed, because he’s smart and he;s come so far. But on the other hand, it’s fun to watch Zoe, Logan and Janine put the puzzle together. When they figured out that Frank only pushed Russo to run so that the vice president position would be available I felt like an imbecile. It never crossed my mind that Frank never wanted Russo to succeed.

The only thing I miss is Frank’s manipulation in the early episodes. I understand that we’re supposed to relate to him, and seeing him in a vulnerable position can do this. However for him to be played by both Remy and Raymond, I was completely surprised! Like I’ve mentioned before, I really like Raymond’s character, and if Frank and Raymond are truly teaming up, then I feel like they’ll be unstoppable. However, I also assume that Raymond will eventually become Frank’s largest competitor. I don’t think a deal between these two powerhouses can last very long, but I’m excited to see how they interact in the next season.

Speaking of next season, how DARE they end on a cliffhanger such as that! I can’t believe I have to wait well over a month to find out how this reveal will affect Frank’s career. At the same time, there are definitely 13 episodes left, so I feel comfortable saying that this won’t have too great of an impact on his career, at least, not for a while. Then again, this has been hinted at for the majority of the season, so I guess we have to wait to find out.

5/5 I’m so mad that I have to wait. So mad.


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