Keller v. Greenwald debate

This was a very interesting set of letters. Both of these men had interesting points, and watching their letters get more and more passove aggressive was very funny. However, if I had to pick a side, I guess I would agree more with Keller. I believe journalism does indeed sound preachy when it panders to one side. Also, when a reader is fully aware of the writer’s opinion, they are more wary of the facts they are reading. Greenwald does point out that all journalism is opinionated, and I agree with him. However, I like Kelley’s explanation that journalists present both sides of an argument and let the reader decide. Also, if a reader knows what the journalist’s beliefs are, then they could choose to discredit their argument the point of the article. Greenwald thinks that journalists should inspire change, but I feel that presenting both sides of something is also important.

I don’t think that journalism is greatly influenced by the government. I don’t think they are not critical enough of the government, or that they try overtly to protect the government’s reputation, as Greenwald claims. Kelley points out that in the past, mot journalists wrotet he way Greenwald preferred, they were very opinionated. But again, without presenting two sides, ideas end up getting crammed down a reader’s throat. For the same reason that a liberal wouldn’t watch Fox 5 to get all of their information, if every journalist picked a side and were very loud about it, then they would lose some of their audience. It is smarter in this way, to present two sides of an argument.

Objective journalism is just something that people expect from their news sources, though the argument can successfully be made that nothing is objective or neutral. Maybe it’s idealistic to think that all journalists can provide evidence for both sides of an argument without having a bias, but it seems that that’s a very fair way of presenting information. Letting the audience decide based on fact instead of preaching it to them is what journalists should aim for in their work.


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