The film “Blackfish” does a wonderful job of making me feel guilty over something I loved as a child. I’ve been to SeaWorld twice in my life, and never did I expect that these animals were suffering so much. It never even occurred to me that keeping giant whales in fish bowls was a bad idea. Then again, I was a child. “Blackfish” points out a lot of things that people have been ignoring for over thirty years. The health and safety of captive killer whales is at risk, and I feel that this film does a good job of highlighting that.

I especially liked the inclusion of former trainers from SeaWorld that realized what was going on. They gave an inside look into something that the public isn’t informed about. For example, I always assumed that you had to be a marine biologist to train killer whales, but the former trainers all agreed that it was more about personality. I found that completely astounding. One thing I wish was in this documentary was a different perspective. However, I understand that a representative for SeaWorld wouldn’t want to be interviewed for a documentary like this. Still, it would have been a bit more interesting. (Not that it wasn’t already interesting!)

The moment that had me in tears was definitely the part where the truck driver was describing how they captured baby whales. It was heartbreaking, and you could tell by his face that he wasn’t proud of it. The only ones that were interviewed that I didn’t like were the sisters that saw the girl get attacked by Tillikum in SeaLand. For some reason, when they were talking about the girl’s death, one of the women kept smiling. It completely ruined the interview for me and made me sick to my stomache. How dare she smile whilst talking about someone who died? It was disrespectful and rude, and they were so flippant about the girl’s death that I doubt they were there at all.

In conclusion however, this was a very well made documentary. It had a lot of emotion behind it, and I think that’s important to have in a documentary that is trying to educate the public on the cruelty we inflict upon killer whales. It really makes me wonder if we inflict this sort of damage on dolphins and sea lions as well, or any other zoo animals.